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About Us


Our Products

 We search out vintage parts at auctions, estate sales, junk shops and even friend's basements and attics to find interesting stuff we can re purpose into beautiful one of a kind lights, clocks and creations. 


Our Creative Team


We bring an interesting group of individual talents together to make our creations. 

Bart is all technical with a talent for straight lines and complicated wiring. He has been a builder and a tinkerer since he was a little kid, (not that he ever grew up) his claim to fame is he can take anything apart and put it back together and it still works. 

Lynne, on the other hand, is an artist of many media, a master craftswoman of polymer clay to a graphic artist with a flair for the whimsy in life. She brings a creative vision that creates fun and whimsy in everything she touches. 

Together we make brilliance.



Due to the nature of our business we TRAVEL… A LOT! 

Go look at our schedule and you can see where we are.

When we are away shipping can be slow… 

If we are away for back to back shows it could be WEEKS before we can get home to ship your new creation.

If you are on a tight schedule drop us a note and we can tell you when we can ship it.